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Monika Björn YogaGames 2014

Monika Björn YogaGames 2014

Yogalove is Scandinavia’s first online yoga-universe, based on my passion and love for yoga, and the urge to share this with my scandinavian brothers and sisters .

What kind of yoga do you teach? Why have you chosen this?

My style is a mixture between Hatha and Vinyasa Flow depending on whether I teach open classes or privates.

Many of my open classes hosts 40-60 people and there is a particular hypnotic, almost meditative experience flowing together as a group. When I teach privates the sessions are created 100% for the individual and I can focus my entire attention on that one person.

What inspires you for your classes? And is there a theme/inspiration that you are currently working on?

I find my inspiration in my own daily self-practice, other training forms that I do (Olympic Weightlifting, calisthenics, ring training), music and social media.

I´m really into backbends and core strength at the moment. Backbends because I believe ”a backbend a day will keep sick health away” :), joking aside, with the lifestyle most people live today, we can all do with opening up the thoracic spine and get a stronger torso.

You are hosting a workshop at the Yoga Games in Stockholm. What to expect, if attending your workshop?

In Yoga games Stockholm I´m teaching a 75 min flow class - ”Dancing with Fire”. There will be plenty of proper workshops during the weekend, so I decided to teach a flowing Vinyasa class to music.

Less talking more action. It will be simple, but not easy, in the sense that it will be physical, but most levels will be able to follow the flow - you don´t have to be a super advanced practicioner to join - you will sweat, breathe, smile and hopefully feel fantastic afterwards.

Can you please give an example of how yoga reflects in your life, outside the matt?

Yoga certainly makes me more patient, considerate and human. It grounds me during stressful times, whether I flow to the sound of my breath or heavy hiphop.

It teaches me patience and it makes me more forgiving towards myself when I meet restrictions/imbalances in my body. It took me years to truly understand why it´s called a yoga ”practice” and not yoga ”perfect”.

What is the next step for you and yoga? What journey are you on/ where is it taking you?

I have (finally?) found a teacher that resonates strongly with me. (I didn´t even know I was looking and there he was.) I´ve had plenty of good teacher during the years, but never found anyone that I wanted to study with for many, many years to come.

And now I have. I have a feeling that this journey will bring my focus deeper into meditation, pranayama and the spirituality of yoga.

Please share your number one advice for the modern living human, based on your own experience with yoga?

The million dollar question! Ok, here goes: Love more and be kind to others and yourself.