Monika Björn YogaGames 2014

Monika Björn YogaGames 2014

Yogalove is Scandinavia’s first online yoga-universe, based on my passion and love for yoga, and the urge to share this with my scandinavian brothers and sisters .

What kind of yoga do you teach? Why have you chosen this?

My style is a mixture between Hatha and Vinyasa Flow depending on whether I teach open classes or privates.

Many of my open classes hosts 40-60 people and there is a particular hypnotic, almost meditative experience flowing together as a group. When I teach privates the sessions are created 100% for the individual and I can focus my entire attention on that one person.

What inspires you for your classes? And is there a theme/inspiration that you are currently working on?

I find my inspiration in my own daily self-practice, other training forms that I do (Olympic Weightlifting, calisthenics, ring training), music and social media.

I´m really into backbends and core strength at the moment. Bac....

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